The following sites will be available from October 31 to March 15 based on demand. They will be opened in the order listed:

(Sites in the area above that provide 50 amp in the off season will be reduced to 30 amp from June 15 to September 15)

Inquire at the office if you are interested in staying year round. If the office is closed call the number listed on the door for more information. The sites listed above will not be available through the summer months as they are already reserved however we can guarantee you a site in the #262 to 281 area during the high season.

All vehicles and trailers on Wright's Beach Camp property must have valid road insurance at all times.

Rates are based nightly as shown on the rates page and are subject to GST.

Q. What hours is the office open?
A. Please see the schedule on the office door. The hours are quite limited in the winter months. If no one is in the office and the sign says it is open please use the radio by the door. A staff member will be on site.
Q. What if I have an EMERGENCY and need assistance when the office is closed?
A. If no one answers the radio by the door then call our emergency only line at 250-328-9522.
Q. What are the hours for the showers and bathrooms?
A. 24 hours daily. The main office building uses an on demand water system so it takes a bit of time for the hot water to get there. If no one else is showering you can turn on the hot water at a sink until it gets hot then take your shower. Showers require one loonie for every 6 minutes.
Q. What are the laundromat hours, facilities and costs?
A. In the winter months when there is a code on the laundry they are open 24 hours daily. We have 6 washers and 6 dryers. It is $2.00/wash load and dryers are $2.00 for about 40 minutes of drying time. All machines take loonies only. Two washers and dryers are in the white building across from site #156 the other 4 are in the main building. See the bottom of your receipt for access code.
Q. Can I receive mail during my stay?
A. Unfortunately we do not have any mail coming to the campground. You will have to get a PO box in town. London Drugs is the closest and is located at Cherry Lane Mall on Main Street.
Q. Are you pet friendly?
A. Non-aggressive, quiet, leashed and picked-up-after pets are welcome. Feel free to use the KVR trail along the lake to walk your dogs. There are no areas in the campground that are off leash for dogs.
Q. Are there sites with 50-amp electrical service?
A. We have a few sites with 50-amp services in the winter season only from September 15th to June 15th: sites #95-96, #126, #128, #129, #134, #135, #137, #138, and #140.
Q. What services are provided with the site?
A. 30 amp or 50 amp power, water, sewer, WIFI and basic cable. We require a $40.00 deposit for a cable box.
Q. Are fires permitted in the campground?
A. No wood burning fires are permitted at any time in the campground, however if you have a propane fire bowls you are welcome to use it. We also rent out propane fire bowls for $15.00 a day along with selling them in the store.
Q. Where do I call to get propane delivered in town?
A. A&A propane will deliver but they do not fill tanks that 20 lb or less. Please feel free to give them a call for more information at 250-494-0828.
Q. How to I keep my hose from freezing?
A. We recommend heat tape or heated hoses in the winter months as it does get below zero degrees from time to time. If you do not have either of the above then you will have to fill the tanks in your RV and disconnect the hose each time. It is annoying but will work.
Q. What if I want to stay year round?
A. If you are staying long term you are required to move twice a year. Once in the Fall before we winterize most of the park and then in the Spring by May 1st. Please talk to staff regarding this if you have questions. We have 3 different rates throughout the year but we can average out the payments if you prefer to pay the same amount each month.
RV Units:
RV units have to be approved by management especially if the RV is 15 years or older. Management reserves the right to deny entry to any person whose RV unit is deemed by management to be unsuitable for the park. Any occupant staying in a trailer must have a licensed tow vehicle on site capable of moving their trailer.
Quiet Hours/Noise:
Quiet time is from 11 pm to 8 am. No outside music (radio etc) is allowed within the park. Excessive noise will not be tolerated at any time. Guests should leave the campground by 11pm.
Maximum 2 (two) vehicles per site. Vehicles must be parked at occupant's site or in designated visitor parking areas and must not obstruct other sites or roadways. No unlicensed vehicles are allowed in the park. The speed limit throughout the park is 8 km/h at all times.
Garbage and recycling is located across from the office near the entrance to the park along with one near the white building and one near the green building. Please take all garbage to the dumpsters and separate recycling.
No inside furniture is permitted outside of the RV. Outside furniture must be store bought patio style furniture of tidy appearance.
Skirting - We recommend skirting the RV in the winter. Vinyl skirting is preferred. Please keep the skirting neat in appearance.
We do not allow any buildings or decks in your site.
We do not allow any hay bales for skirting around RVs at any time.
Building and repairs:
Please do not use the campground for any building or repairs.
It is a good idea to keep a tin around your site to throw your butts in if you do smoke. Also try to be respectful of your neighbors especially if they have kids or do not smoke themselves.
Site Maintenance/Cleanliness:
All occupants are responsible for keeping their site in an orderly manner free of litter, debris and excess clutter. Please clean up any cigarette butts and dog piles immediately. It is a good idea to have a tin to put your butts in if you smoke . If your site is not kept at a satisfactory level you will receive one warning. After this you may be asked to leave. Please note that campground staff will enter sites from time to time without notice for maintenance and landscaping.